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Welcome to TripleMAGtv.com, your source for everything TRIPLE MAG™, the first and only ALL FEMALE ALL FAMILY hunting reality show in Pennsylvania.

There are a ton of shows out there centered around the exciting sport of hunting and it seems like more and more are coming out each day. So what is it that sets this one apart from the others?
Triple MAG is the first Hunting Reality Show starring all family, all female hunters. Just because they’re females, doesn’t mean you should underestimate them though. With hunting in their blood, these girls are highly experienced and highly motivated to prove that girls can do it just as good – if not better – than boys!
The show centers around three ladies in particular – Mom, Gina and her two daughters, seventeen-year-old Alyssa and nine-year-old Madison (otherwise known as Mad DOG) who are living in Pennsylvania. As the camera follows them on their hunting adventures, these female hunters treat viewers to action packed hunts, while still managing to keep it educational.
Now you may be wondering what you could possibly learn about hunting from a seventeen-year-old and an nine-year-old, but you would be surprised. It’s most likely that at any time, you can find Alyssa in a tree stand, stalking her prey with her Matthews, .300 Short Mag, while Mad DOG managed to harvest her first deer at the age of seven. They’ve been taught well by Gina, whose Grandmother started the trend back during the Great Depression by hunting and fishing to provide for her family. Hunting is what they know – and it’s safe to say that they know it well.
Be sure to tune into this first-of-its-kind Hunting Reality Show this season to follow these skillful ladies as they chase big and small game all over the country!

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